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contains an enema

with cannula.

organic coffee.

malic acid.

epson jumped.

diet and calendar.


Full Home Detox

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    Detox Enema Liver and Gallbladder

    10 days Liver Gallbladder and Intestinal



    Fiber Vitratox Intestinal Cleanse

    the enema

    Organic Coffee for Enema

    Doses and cleaning supplements and salts



    Expulsion of gallstones

    Eradicate candida albicans

    Improvements metabolic, hormonal system

    food absorption

    Improve aspects of the skin, remove spots on joints due to diabetes or spots due to liver problems

    Turn off grade C acne

    fight allergies

    improve libido

    mental clarity

    Alkalize the body and strengthen the immune system

    To eradicate menstrual problems

    Prostate problems

    Eradicate issues due to insulin resistance.


    Contribution $2,000 pesos plus shipping $250 pesos



    During the Detox period it is very normal to sweat a fetid odor, bad breath, sweat smell of garlic, urinate very yellow even with dust, black excrement and with strange figures, there are even cases where women who have miscarried come out with the shape of a fetus, one thing I don't understand, pimples appear like acne but they go away immediately.

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