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Detox, Diets, withdrawals y Ceremonies



Alma Franco

Terapeuta & Shamana

Alma Franco is a carrier and teacher of Ancestral medicines. She has studied in the Amazon jungles with Maestra Tara, who has been the mentor in charge of transmitting her the necessary wisdom to carry out ceremonies with Ethics and responsibility.


Her speciality is the sharing of Yagé medicine, but she also offer other holistic therapies with excellent spiritual consultations including divination cards reading and other natural medicines such as Kambo.

Totally reliable and recommendable to live this healing experience with Alma.

Jeremy Newman


Come with Alma, have the courage to face your fears, we all deserve to live without guilt, with love and faith.

Eliza Hernandez

His medicine is powerful, deep and loving songs.

Gordon Miller


+52 664 368 9977    |

Venaditos, Tepoztlan, Mexico

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